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The Grand Conjunction

Updated: Dec 29, 2020


There’s A LOT going on in the cosmos. As we can see, old ways of living are all being broken down and ALL ways of typical functioning of the daily mundane are and will be even more challenged. From 11/30 to about 4-6 months after, it will be chaotic. Today, 12/21, Saturn and Jupiter will be at the same exact position from Earth. Those are two opposing, battling planets. Jupiter is all about expansion, while Saturn’s nature is all about contraction. It is a dance of contraction and expansion... as is the process of childbirth. Pluto, the planet of destruction, is next to Jupiter and Saturn... Pluto’s nature is to break things down, BUT for a purpose. The purpose is to REBUILD. This could be a physical breaking down or a spiritual one.

This is why all are being prepared. All are being challenged to rethink ways of living. To take a deep look at your human programming and traumas so you can give birth to new beginnings. The journey may have conflict and pain, but WILL and DETERMINATION will reward you with victory when you comprehend and overcome your crucible. These are trying times, but once the veil is lifted, peace in the human collective consciousness will prevail.

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