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9-Chakra Evaluation & Balancing​ (2 hours)


My most popular signature treatment. This is a thorough evaluation of 9 of the energy centers (chakras) in and outside the body, This powerful balancing therapy is paired up with coaching and sound healing,

Session can also be done virtually.

Reiki Reset & Intention Setting (1.5 / 2 hours)

$95 / $120

A "tune-up" for your energy flow to clear the path for your intention.  Most of my clients choose this treatment on their birthday, or when starting a new venture or journey.  Comes with a channeled crystal that we will program with your intention during your session.

Crystal Reiki (1 hour)


After obtaining permission from you to virtually tap into your energetic signature, I will channel which crystal(s) call to assist you on your healing path.  When we meet, the(se) crystal(s) will be part of your session and will be yours to keep.  A crystal report will also be included. Let the relaxation and the healing energy flow through you during this quiet session. My clients claim to have received insights, and downloads during all my reiki sessions.

Swedish Reiki Massage (1, 1.5 & 2 hours)​

Gentle, relaxing strokes promote the movement of stagnant energy and lactic acid.  Pamper yourself and feel renewed.  

Deep Tissue Reiki Massage (1, 1.5 & 2 hours)

$150 - $180

Prenatal Reiki Massage (1 / 1.5 hours)​


Nurturing, intuitive massage. I channel Terra Christa, the highest ascended energies of Mother Gaia.  Gentle, relaxing strokes promote the movement of stagnant. Pamper yourself with healing energy and your precious little one will love you for it.


Timeline Regression (1-2 hours)​

Past, present, and future life regression therapy.  We'll uncover and explore recurring patterns in your current life by examining your past lives and current life through gentle, guided meditation hypnosis. 


Emergency Reiki & Emotional Release 

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DOT Laser Therapy​

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