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The Call to Duty

Archangel Metatron (The Archangel of Empowerment)

Channeled on the Wolf Full Moon 1/28/21, 4:44pm.

I had an overwhelming feeling of something I had to channel. I pulled over on the side of the road to allow myself to get this message out. When I was done writing, I looked up and saw this rainbow in the sky. Dear Light Workers and Light Warriors, this message is for you...

Light Warriors. Light Workers. As we know, change is in the wind. There’s a sense of discomfort and uneasiness happening that you may be currently feeling.

The Light is intensifying. The Schumann resonance of the Earth has been climbing. The shadows are darkening with the growing of the light because they are fighting hard to keep their claws and fangs hooked to keep their facade alive.

You may feel angry or irritable lately, or feel closed in. But what you’re feeling is this heavy energy fighting for its existence. These energies are surrounding us, but as the light intensifies even more, the shadows will shift and hidden ideals and deceptions will be revealed. This pressure is needed to cause this shift. Knowledge is what they are concealing. They are trying to censor the Light Warriors and Light Workers to keep truth from surfacing.

The bigger picture... Focus on the Light. As Light Warriors and Light Workers, you have been feeling the discomfort of this planned fear consciousness blanketing this planet. Keep focus on the Light. See all that is going on around you as “entertainment” to be able to cope, like watching a film. If it is your calling, use visualization to transcend this energy. Only you know if this is your calling. Energy cannot simply disappear, it can only be transmuted.

Stay connected to Source and to your intuition, and use discernment when listening to the trapping, dense 3rd density media. Something is about to give way. Change is in the wind.

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