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Super Strawberry Full Moon Energy Update for 6/24/21

The Super Moon on June 24th will be the largest & last super moon of 2021. You will feel its effects up to 4-5 days after its peak. It will bring super heightened emotions & intuition. In the sky, this Super Moon will sit in opposition to Cancer (feelings), it’s ruling zodiac sign. There can be intense feelings & tension in areas of your life where you need to examine your triggers. It’s a time for Shadow-work because your triggers will be brought to light by the energies of this grand moon. Be observant & don’t be overly reactive. Ground your energy by taking deep breaths & revisiting that trigger when you’re levelheaded. There’s a great opportunity for deepening the healing & understanding of your Self. Observe what stirs you. Is there a habit, trait or thought pattern that you need to change & evolve through?

Something that was once in the dark will be revealed. Light will also be shined on something that you have not been willing to look at. There could be an ending (a thought, relationship, job) but remember, with endings come new beginnings.

Honor & trust the timing. There will be a sense of need for completeness. Energy could be propelling you into something new, so be open to it as you observe your thoughts.

It’s time for something bigger & better, but set realistic goals. It’s time to weed out all old ideas that have been sitting on the “To Do List” for too long. Reevaluate. Where is this project/ relationship/ job going? Is it going to pay off? Be careful not to be reckless & impulsive with your actions & words. Rethink about what needs to change to get to your highest destination.

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