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1st New Moon of 2021

January New Moon 1/13/21

New Moons means new beginnings. The next one peaks on January 12th, around 9pm. This young Maiden Moon is going to be a powerful New Moon since it is the 1st one of the year and is setting the pace for the rest of all the New Moons to come in 2021. It is lining up each sign of the zodiac for 2021’s intentions that can be manifested by utilizing our lunar cycle.

The New Moon asks us to start seriously planning for our future. If you're unhappy with your career, take time out to revamp your resume and keep an eye out for new opportunities. If you're already in a field that aligns with your calling, take on a new project that will highlight your skills. Play your cards right and this could be your time to professionally shine. We are taking long-term successes above overnight shortcuts, so this month's new moon inspires us to put in the work necessary to build a solid foundation for your future.

The Ritual of lighting the New Moon: New Beginnings enchanted candle to help supercharge your intention setting.

Here’s how it is works, first write your new beginnings intention on a piece of paper.

Remember to phrase & write your new beginnings intention in a positive way, with a mantra that supports your intention.

Hold the piece of paper in your hands and repeat your intention 5 times while imagining it coming true. Feel grateful for it coming true. Absorb the words and meanings through your non-dominant hand and feeling it shine out of your dominant hand.

When you’re ready, light the New Moon: New Beginnings candle while holding your intention in your mind. You can do a meditation after. If you decide not to, it’s still okay.

The 4oz candle can last about 20-hours (with no drafts). If you want to keep the candle lit until it turns itself off, make time to repeat the mantra two more times while it is still burning brightly.

If you choose to keep it lit only for a few minutes a day, like during meditation time, it is okay to extinguish the flame by blowing it out. When relighting, repeat the steps as if you were lighting it for the first time.

Always keep your lit candles in a clear, draft-free location for safety. How to write your intention in a positive way:

If you want to release anger, ask yourself, "What is the opposite of being angry?" Perhaps for you, the opposite of being angry is to be at peace. In that case, your intention can be, intention"to be at peace" and your can be "I am at peace."

We create positive intentions and positive mantras based on the law of entrainment so that the higher vibration of the positive mantra can contact the lower vibration and can entrain it and raise it up. This can help produce an eMotional release, elevated mood, visions, or a boost in energy to carry out your intention.

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