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Crystal Intention Maiden Moon: New Beginnings

Crystal Intention Maiden Moon: New Beginnings

This candle is for use on the New Maiden Moon phase.  It signifies new beginnings.Opalite is a crystal glass that aids in transitions of all kinds.  It can bring out strength to help verbalize our hidden feelings.  It can remove energy blockages within our chakras and meridians.  It promotes clear thinking, new beginnings and happiness.Three magical flowers were used for this candle.  Violet symbolizes spiritual wisdom, connection to Source, Intuition, deep spiritual insights and subconscious awareness.  Baby’s breath signifies self-discipline and being in touch with the higher forces to prevent you from straying from your true path.  Peach blossoms can bring luck and joy.  It also represents longevity,  loyalty and generosity.Made with premium grade, organic soy wax, organic cotton wick, organic violet petals, baby’s breath & peach blossoms, and plant-based glitter. All my crystals have been Reiki infused and charged on the Flower of Life crystal grid. This candle was anointed with powerful Archangel Michael oil for extra guidance power. I made these in small batches during the New Maiden Moon phase to ensure its potency.  The scent of this candle surfaces with sparkling mandarin, juicy melon, and a hint of apple.  Center notes are pineapple, coconut, violet, jasmine and white musk.

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