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Crystal Intention Candle: Love Spell

Crystal Intention Candle: Love Spell

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It can restore trust and harmony in relationships with others as well as with yourself. Red hibiscus symbolizes passion, romance, beauty, respect, and is said to attract your Soulmate.  For married couples, red hibiscus attracts good blessings.Peach blossoms signify luck, longevity, and loyalty.  It is used for luck and joy in engagements.Made with premium grade, organic soy wax, organic cotton wick, organic red hibiscus petals & peach blossoms, and plant-based glitter. All my crystals have been Reiki infused and charged on the Flower of Life Sacred Crystal Grid. This candle was anointed with powerful Dragon’s Blood oil, a pinch of sugar for sweetness, and made in small batches right before the Full Moon phase to ensure its potency, to grow the true love you deserve.This scent is very similar to Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell”. 4 oz.

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