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Crystal Intentions Candle: Abundance

Crystal Intentions Candle: Abundance

Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and can help in manifesting wealth.  It channels abundance and is an excellent prosperity talisman.Calendula symbolizes, among other things, wealth, optimism, and success.  It represents the power of the Sun.Made with premium grade, organic soy wax, organic cotton wick, organic calendula petals, and plant-based glitter. All my crystals have been Reiki infused and charged on the Flower of Life crystal grid. I made these in small batches during the Full Moon phase to ensure its potency.The scent of this candle comes from the powerful Dragon’s Blood oil, which is derived from the resin of the Dragon Tree.  It has a beautiful, mysterious aroma with notes of rose, sandalwood, and a hint of amber.

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